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Blues and Aqua

Just in time for summer’s wedding season and perfect for any June birthdays, the Bead Bazaar is having a freshwater pearl strand give-away! For any purchase over $25, you will receive a strand of freshwater pearls for FREE! Pearls are valued up to $5.99/strand; only one per customer, please. This give-away is only good through July 18th or while supplies last, so don’t hesitate to come by! Select strands include classic white pearls in various sizes and shapes, elegant and appropriate for any summer wedding jewelry. We are also giving away a variety of dyed pearls, adding an element of fun and color to your beading projects. The birthstone for June, pearls are created by oysters and clams when an irritant gets inside their shells. The shellfish will coat the irritant with calcium carbonate to soothe the annoyance, and once enough layers build up, it forms a pearl. In 1870 Tiffany & Co. published a poem about each birthstone. June’s reads:

By her who in June was born
No gem save pearls shall be worn
They will ensure her constancy
True friendship and fidelity.

In an interesting historical sidenote, Cleopatra is said to have dissolved a precious pearl earring in her wine and drank it as a sign of her love for Antony.

With such a strong tradition behind them, it’s no wonder that pearls are so popular today. Come in to find your favorite FREE strand, and while looking at our wide array of freshwater colors, make sure to pair them up with some our new gemstones! Lapis, Carnelian, Canadian Jade, and Onyx are just a few of the many new stones that are sure to compliment our FREE pearl strands. Mix, match, and design. Happy Beading!

-Bead Bazaar


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Featuring the work of local artist Marilynn Dondero-Rich

Every year the historic Fairhaven district celebrates summer with the Solstice Walk A’bout, a collaboration of art. Various Fairhaven businesses feature the work of local artists, sharing Bellingham’s rich creativity. For more information about the Fairhaven Solstice Walk A’bout, visit Fairhaven’s website. A map of participating businesses and their art displays can be found at  http://www.fairhaven.com/assoc/WalkAboutMap-2010.pdf 

For this year, the 18th annual Solstice Walk A’bout, we at the Bead Bazaar are excited to feature the work of Marilynn Dondero-Rich of Dancing Moon Studios. Marilynn’s art isn’t limited to one genre; she does quilting, doll making, and lampwork glass blowing. However, while her inspirations are many, they all feature bead and wire elements. For this weekend we will be displaying the fruits of her creativity in our window, and best of all, selling an exquisite collection of her lampwork beads. Marilynn’s designs range from colorfully whimsical glass buttons to elegant dichroic pieces. We also have a small collection of Marilynn’s glass vessels; reminiscent of antiquity, these vessels make romantic focal pieces. Each bead is a unique combination of color and texture. We will also be selling some of Marilynn’s own necklace designs, featuring her beads. Her quilts and dolls are equally as exciting, composed of various fibers and fabrics and embellished with beads. Marilynn will be in the store for Friday night’s festivities, so drop by with questions and be prepared the fall in love with her whimsy!

~Bead Bazaar

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“Drop Everything and Fight Cancers Below the Waist”

Bellingham Bead Bazaar is proud to lend our support to BC’s Underwear Affair, a fundraiser for underfunded below-the-waist cancers, including prostate, ovarian, and colorectal cancer. On July 10th, 2010, The British Columbia Cancer Foundation is holding a walk (5k or 10k) for cancer awareness and to raise funds for a cure. More information about this event can be found at http://va10.uncoverthecure.org/site/PageServer?pagename=va10_homepage .

A couple of local Affair participants will be hosting a FUNd Raiser and raffle at Bloedel Donovan this Sunday, June 13th, from 1-3 PM. Various items will be raffled off, and of course there will be food! Last year’s FUNd Raiser raised over $900! Who knows what can be achieved this year? To show our support, we at the Bead Bazaar have donated a gorgeous austrian crystal and feldspar necklace and earring set for the raffle, valued at $125. The necklace was created with an ombre effect;  sunset-colored feldspar and olivine crystal slowly melt into each other from each end, balanced by copper swarovskis. Designed to stand out and be bold, this show-stopping set was our featured fashion show piece for girl’s night out. Have your raffle tickets ready to bring this piece home!

~Bead Bazaar

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Bead Bazaar Welcomes Summer with Czech Glass!

Firepolished Glass Across the Color Spectrum

Summer is here! And nothing says summer quite like a vibrant rainbow of firepolished glass. Our new colors range from black to multi-hued to hot pink, and are graced with a variety of coatings. With over 50 (that’s right, 50!) new colors available in 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm faceted rounds, we at the Bead Bazaar are buzzing with excitement. With so much selection, how can one choose? At only $2.70 for each 3mm and 4mm strand, and only $2.99 for each 6mm and 8mm strand, you can indulge! 

6mm Greens

 Fire or flame polishing is a method of treating glass; it takes a high skill level to achieve, as just the surface of the glass melts, becoming smooth and flat. Our firepolished rounds are Czech glass, and the Czechs have a long, colorful history of producing beautiful works of glass art. Starting in the 13th century, Czech glass and leaded crystal pieces were expertly made from naturally occurring crystal deposits found in Czechoslovakia. The Czech’s were able to put other natural resources to use in their craft, including potash, a mineral compound that stabilizes glass. The Czech glass tradition continued through the Renaissance and into modern-day. 

We invite you to come appreciate and celebrate the artistry of firepolished Czech glass! 

~Bead Bazaar

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