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Enter for the chance to win a gorgeous art bead by Leah Fairbanks!

Leah Fairbanks Lampwork Glass

We at the Bead Bazaar have recently gotten in some very special pieces; art glass beads by famed artist Leah Fairbanks. Based out of Oregon, Leah Fairbanks’ exquisite work has been featured in Bead & Button magazine, and no wonder! Her “Gardens of Glass” pieces play with the depth that can be delivered by multiple layers of texture and color, while capturing the beauty of nature and flowers in their intricate details. Our Leah Fairbanks pieces at the Bead Bazaar feature rich golden hues in wheat, floral bouquets, and tapestry inspired work.

"Spring Bouquet" By Lampwork Artist Leah Fairbanks

We are so excited about the beauty of Leah Fairbanks’ work that we are holding a raffle for one of her gorgeous beads! Every purchase over $50 is eligible to receive a raffle ticket for the chance to win “Spring Bouquet”, valued at$128. Each $50 increment of a purchase qualifies you for another ticket; so $100 will receive two tickets, $150 will receive three, and so on. Don’t miss this chance to win an incredible piece of art glass, rich with violet and golden beauty.

More information about Leah Fairbanks’ glass work can be found at http://www.leahfairbanks.com/home.html


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A warning to anyone on a “bead diet”: the following post may make you drool!

A Feast of New Beads

With summer continuing to roll in, the Bead Bazaar has gotten in some exciting new stones, creating a veritable feast of color! Much of our new stock glows with sunset hues, such as our vibrant red coral, milky carnelian, and smoldering burnt orange crackle agate.

Earthy Canadian jade adds an organic feel to any project, and our large, rich, royal blue lapis pieces take center stage.

As a final touch, the cool aqua tones of amazonite are perfect for any summer beading project, invoking images of a perfectly clear sunny sky over the sea.

We all try to be good with our beading habits, but sometimes, it’s deliciously fun to indulge! We certainly did, bringing rich new stock to the store. Other new stones include turquoise, onyx,  jasper . . . the list could truly go on! Don’t miss this chance feast on these delicious pieces.

-Bead Bazaar

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Assorted Cloisonné Beads

While it’s fun to use an old favorite in multiple matching projects, every beader knows this truth: nothing can spark that creative flow quite like a fresh selection of beads, and it’s impossible to have too many beads! We at the Bead Bazaar are always happy to oblige. Our already existing selection of cloisonné beads has been pumped up for summer! New shapes include butterflies, flowers, crosses, fish, and a fantastically fun assortment of bright colors.

Detail of cloisonné Sunflower

Cloisonné beads are metal based and coated with any color of enamel, creating images and patterns. Many of our selection have raised lines of metal, outlining the images. This technique dates as far back as the jewelry of ancient Egypt, and spread into use by the Anglo-Saxons and ancient Chinese. cloisonné was used on any number of things from sword hilts to statues, but its origins lie in jewelry. Luckily for modern-day beaders, the technique has survived and beautiful cloisonné beads are still produced today. Come and indulge in a little bit of history, and bring your creativity to the board!

-Bead Bazaar

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