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September and Autumn evoke images of changing leaves, ripe apples, and fresh pencils; that’s right, it’s back to school season, and at the Bead Bazaar we’ll be celebrating it in style! Come back to school with us and learn some exciting beading techniques. There will be new classes, more frequent free demos, and a fabulous back to school special: sign up for any of our fall classes during the month of September and receive 25% off the class price! Discount applies to any classes scheduled through December, but registration must occur in person or over the phone during the month of September to receive the discount. Sorry, but this discount does not apply to class supplies. Our schedule includes 26 different projects through the month of December, so make sure to check it out HERE.

New class projects include a Viking Stitch Bracelet, Beaded Chain Necklace, and Mosaic Cuff Bracelet.

Steampunk, Vintaj, and Beaded Chain Projects

Don’t miss out on our Steampunk and Vintaj inspired classes!

Winter classes include the Netted Bulb Ornament, Beaded Bookmarks, and Floating Beads Necklace, and as always, we have fun projects for kids, from snowflakes to beaded animals. Starting in November, we will also be teaching a combined child and adult class, featuring a necklace project that you can work on as a team.

Take advantage of this back to school season to learn a new skill, and don’t forget to sign up in advance, as any class that you register for during the month of September is 25% off!!!! Remember, while this discount applies to any class fee through December, registration must occur during the month of September, so don’t hesitate! With 26 different projects to choose them, and many of them repeated from month to month, it’ll be easy to find something fun and new.

-Bead Bazaar


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Congratulations to Sandra P. from Alaska, the lucky winner of our Leah Fairbanks raffle!

Leah Fairbanks, "Spring Bouquet"

Over the past month we accepted entries for the raffle of an exceptional work of glass art by Leah Fairbanks; it has received many “oohs” and “ahs”, and deservedly so, for it is truly a piece of beauty. We held the raffle on August 23rd, and Sandra’s name was drawn as our winner! By an exciting coincidence, we contacted her and she learned of her good fortune on her birthday. So happy birthday to you Sandra, and many congratulations!

-Bead Bazaar

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The Bellingham Bead Bazaar is pleased to announce that we now carry a selection of Buddha Beads. Also called “power beads”, Buddha Beads are the round, three-holed bead found at the end of a Mala. Our Buddha Beads come with a matching cylindrical bead to feed your thread through and end off the project. Malas are the prayer beads used by Buddhists for meditation. They consist of 108 equally sized beads, preferably something smooth for ease of handling. Buddha Beads can be difficult to find on their own, but with these new beauties in stock, it’s now easier than ever to construct a customized Mala. We have many stones to choose from, including tiger eye, onyx, and turquoise.

Another common set of prayer beads takes form in the Rosary. Used by Catholics, Rosaries consist of 5 groups of 10 beads; these represent repeated prayers to Mary. Rosaries typically feature a Y-piece at the end. These Y-pieces will often have images of Mary, and connect to another three beads and a crucifix. Not only is the Bead Bazaar the place for a wealth of beads, but we also carry some rosary pieces, both in sterling and silver plate. Choose from a variety of crosses for the end, or use a traditional crucifix.

Buddhist or Catholic, Jewish or Pagan, you’re sure the find the perfect devotional pieces at the Bead Bazaar! Make sure to check our stock for the religious symbols of your choosing, and perhaps take the opportunity to make a piece that means something special to you. We’ll be seeing you soon!

-Bead Bazaar

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