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The Bead Bazaar is enamored with Miyuki’s revolutionary Tila beads; a flat, square, Japanese bead that is uniform in shape and size. What sets Tilas apart from other beads are their two parallel holes, a feature that lends itself to enirely new beading designs. Bead Bazaar’s resident seed bead expert, Laurie, has tried her hand at a couple of fun Tila projects. After working with them, she had these tips to share:

Tilas can be used on a loom or with a variety of bead weaving stitches, including square-, brick-, and ladder stitch, or right-angle weave. Smaller beads can be woven between them to achieve various effects, from graduated waves to graceful beaded bezels. These lightweight glass beads measure 5×5 mm and are 1.9 mm thick. One surface has a subtle curve to it. Our tubes hold approximately 10 grams, or about 100 beads.

Due to their flat shape and angular corners, Tila beads can cut your beading threads. While Nymo sz B has been used with some success, we recommend working with Fireline, a very finely braided bead thread.  These glass beads should be handled carefully, as they may chip or break if they are dropped onto a hard work surface.

Fun Fact: The Miyuki wesite explains that they chose the name “Tila” because when the beads were loomed together or stitched using square stitch, the beaded fabric looked like traditional Japanese tile work.

Interested in learning to work with Tila Beads? Laurie will be teaching a Bead Bazaar Workshop featuring two beautiful Tila projects! Learn more at our Workshop Page!


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