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One of the best parts about working at a bead store is meeting local artists and seeing their creative projects. Manutéa has returned to us, having previously worked at Bead Bazaar in 2006, and we’re happy to have her back and see her new designs. We’re currently selling her work in preparation for the Fairhaven Gallery Walk, November 29th-30th. Her items will continue to be available through the end of December.

Kambaba Jasper earrings Red Adventurine earrings with Chain Blood stone Earrings

What materials do you like to work with?
A: I work with natural stones and precious metals (sterling silver and gold). I like all of the stones, especially earthy tones and colors. I also enjoy working with other natural elements like shells and recycled glass.

What techniques do you use?
A: Free form wire-wrap, silversmithing, and beading. I’ve taken multiple smithing classes, working with copper, brass, and silver through Pouncing Rain (now the Bellingham Metal Arts Guild). I’ve learned ring making, metal folding techniques, and pendant making. I’ve also learned enameling.

Q: How long have you been making beads?
A: Since I was in the 6th grade. We don’t need to mention the year.

Q: How did your business get started?
A: Just through word of mouth. I’ve sold at a few different boutiques here in town, specifically at Covet Boutique in Fairhaven. I’ve done private wedding parties where I’ve made all of the jewelry for the bridesmaids and the bride.

Q: How would you describe your style?
A: I like to have an earthy/bohemian style in my jewelry. I think it’s important to notice the stones when you work with them. I try to enhance the true beauty of the stone rather than overpowering it in every piece.

Q: What inspires you?
A: I’m inspired by nature; I also do photography so I like to look back at photographs I’ve taken and draw inspiration from the natural elements when I’m working on jewelry pieces.

Q: Has anyone been an influence to your work?
A: Laurie Little and Jessica Levin have been significant influences in my artistic career. They both have experience with many types of art and inspired me to explore other art forms.

Q: What other hobbies or activities do you enjoy?
A: I am a self-taught craftenitsta! I also enjoy knitting, crocheting, photography. I enjoy charcoal drawing, pastels and water color.

Q: Do you have any hopes or ambitions for your business in the future?
A: I would love to eventually open an online or retail store called Collage Two. The inspiration for that comes from my Grandma, Beverly, who ran a store called Collage in Tiburon, California. She imported hand-made goods from Mexico, including clothing and jewelry.



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